Recently acquired display pieces for the Museum....

Unless otherwise noted, these are all aquired by Tom Doyle personally...


To the Journeyman.... Patrick Doyle 1952 - 2009 .... fair winds and following seas  .... Sla'inte

60 year Fire Department service award, presentation bell ( Oakhurst, Ind. Hose Co. No. 1, Kenneth McKean, 3-11-2000 )

1900's parade uniform ( red cape with tan pants, auxillary, Laura Delp, Temple, Pa. )

1930's SAFA alarm box.

Assortment of 9 convention ribbons.

Rotary 9" equipment "New Departure" fire gong.

Early 1900's post card of Medina County Courthouse.

1910 Interurban photo, turning onto West Smith Rd. under tracks heading North.

Berea Playpipe Nozzle, fire extinguisher, and 2 vehical lights with "FIRE" lens, all donated by Harry Hartman of Valley City. Thank you  for your generosity!

1950's rubberized canvas turn out coat from Stow, Ohio... Donated by the nephew of Forrest Rennie a Stow volunteer fire fighter 1950's to 1960's ... Thank You !

Research book, "Firefighters" by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, and a firefighters prayer medallion, both donated by George Simon of Craftmaster Restoration, Inc. in Medina ( His son is a member of the Lafayette Fire Department Cadets ) ... Thank You !

Late 1800's Coal Oil Parade Torch.

16oz Hero (Carbon Tetrachloride) Fire Extinguisher, and a Dress Uniform Cap ... donated by Bob & Laura Bogdanski ... Thank You !

3 Fire nozzles donated by Macy Hallock (1 - Brass Larkin with shut off, 1 - 10" fixed chrome, 1 - Brass playpipe nozzle tip) ... Thank You !

2 Early post cards, 1 - Medina United Methodist Church, 1 - Medina Post Office.

Decorative wooden parade torch from the late 1800's.

Helmet racks donated by Dave Tome, Thank You !

Assortment of rare Historic Medina fire photos, donated by Betty Zarney and her late husband Elmer Zarney. With a heartfelt Thank You!  for the photos, and for Elmers special contributions to the City of Medina. He will be deeply missed!

Assortment of fire toys, donated by Bob Farkas, Thank You !

2 Early Medina photos, 1 - Late 1800's Shepards Mill on East Smith Rd, 1 - Late 1800's unidentified "General Merchandise" store (thought to be somewhere in Medina County... (any help identifing is greatly appreciated), 1 - Ceramic Shoe trinket/planter that has been returned to its original home, all donated by Debbie Graff (Daughter of Floyd Graff, one of the original owners of our building). Thank You !

Gamewell Diaphone, City wide horn for Fire Alarm alerts, Circa 1920's.

Seibe Gorman combination foot operated Fog Horn and Smoke Hood bellows pump and horn.

1922 Self Propelled Cellar fire nozzle, generously donated by Gary and Karen Keiger. Thank You!

Large LUX  CO2 fire extinguisher and cart.

Reproduction Leather Fire Bucket.

Retired Medina High Pressure SCBA Assembly, generously donated by Mike Warner. Thank You!

 From Kalamazoo, Michigan, a working 19' Fireman's Slide Pole and Safety Cage.

Collectable card, showing a photo of Clevelander, Garrett Morgan and his Safety Gas / Rescue Hood and Suit.

Fire Hose Brass Pond Strainer and Hose Nozzles.

O.B. McClintock antique Bank Burglar Alarm Outside Bell, from The Citizens Bank, Oak Hill, Ohio. (South of Columbus, near Jackson, Ohio). Circa 1919

12" Foot Operated, Rotary Fire Gong.

1910 Winter Scene Post Card of North Court Street in Medina, Ohio.

1910 Post Card of the West Side of Public Square, Medina, Ohio.

2 - 1906 Research Books of the San Francisco Earthquake.

Gamewell 2" Excelsior Time and Date Stamp for a Gamewell Joker Alarm Receiver Setup.

Original leather fire bucket, dating to the late 1800's.

10" "New Departure" rotary gong / bell.

Gamewell / Chelsea time clock from the early 20th century.

Wood packing box for Utica Fire Telephone Co. accessory ringer.

Rare 1912 Post card of Medina, "View from the top of the water stand pipe".

1936 Post card, "View of the west side of the Medina Square".

1906 Post card, "View of the Ice Gorge, Rocky River, Medina" with the pump house in background.

Late 1800's photo of Oatman Hardware and Whipple & Sipher Grocery, Medina, with wagon of stone and driver with a "3 horse hitch" (actually 1 horse in the center, and a mule on eaither side).

2 Decorative wooden Fire Parade Torches from the late 1800's.

35 assorted Fire Grenades and an old unique wheeled fire extinguisher, generously donated by Gene Sechler of Norton, Ohio.. Thanks!

Gamewell "Indicator" Alarm Receiver for the Gamewell room.

Telegraph Pole, Cross Bar (to display part of our collection of Glass and Ceramic Insulators). 

Central Station, brass fire extinguisher.

Nickle plated late 1800's Fire Parade Torch.

Gamewell 1" "Joker" alarm receiver with winder and cabinet from Franklin, Pa.

100 + fire extinguisher collection.

12 Foot Pompier Ladder.

Rotary Gong Bell and special axel mount, for our 1856 New York Hose Reel.

Antique, foot operated, Dental Drill for display.

Medina, Ohio's very first Traffic Signal Light, generously donated by Macy Hallock. Thank You!!! This 2 light (red and green only), Traffic Signal Light,  hung at the corner of Court Street and Liberty Street.

A lovely article, written by Gloria Brown,  for her internet Blog,, Thank You !!!

Purchased from an estate auction near Erie, Pa., a 1900 American LaFrance, horse drawn, combination chemical and  fire hose wagon. Has the LaFrance ID Plate with "Factory Number - BAL 104" ... NEW... Acording to the grandson, his grandfather aquired this from a collector near Saegertown, Pa. ( Western, Pa. ) in the vicinity of 1980. ... NEWER 2012... Thanks to some internet searching, I recently found the original service town for this wagon, Meadville, Pa., and treated myself to a Christmas present of a 1909 black & white photo post card of this wagon in front of The First Baptist Church of Meadville, which shows in detail all the gold leafe decorations. Now the restoration fun can begin!

Eric McCool was able to identify some additional pieces in our collection because he was at the original auction when they were sold (that we purchased from different collectors with no history). A drawn copper water tank on wood wheels that served at the Eclipse Oil Refinery, of Franklin Pa. The gamewell Alarm Joker Receiver and Town Fire Bell with the Gamewell striker mechanism that came from Franklin, Pa's first fire station (since decommissioned). A 27' wood ladder from the Pittsburgh Fire Brigade. Thanks for all of your help!

16' Roof Ladder, complete with hooks.

12' Attic Ladder, unusually long size which scissors to a single stick for easy transport through buildings.

Assortment of publications and parts, donated by Donn Zalewski, ... 150 year American La France calandar 1982-83, leather strap handles for one of our fire hose nozzles that we were missing, Pyrene fire extinguisher company publications and manuals, Master Spray 500 fire grenade and mount, Thank You very much for your generosity!

Model "B" Exit Lock, from the old O'Neils Building downtown Akron, Circa 1950's, donated by Rhonda & Mark Sandridge. Thank You!!!

Wind up fire detector and Granger Fire Department helmet with shield, graciously donated by Ken Codding of Granger Twp. Thank you for your generosity!

Thanks for coming to visit in June, "The Bumps - N - Grinds Model T Club", and for your generous donation! Come back again soon!

Thank you to Tad Coleman and the employees at Standard Welding in Medina, for their donation of time and materials, in the building of a hose nozzle mounting post for the Kids Fire Hose demonstration at our Open House. Thanks for your generous donation!

Thanks for coming to visit in August, "The Granger United Methodist men's group", and for your generous donation! I hope you enjoyed it, please come back again soon!

Thanks for coming in September, "The Akron Model T Club", and their 125 car tour. We enjoyed your visit, and your generous donation! Please come back again soon!

An Elk soda / acid fire extinguisher, donated anonymously through the generosity of a female visitor on September 5th, 2010! Thank you, and come back soon!

A good time was had at the Western Reserve Fire Museum of Cleveland's Muster, Sunday, September 12th, 2010. Darren and I transported two of our wheeled pieces and some artifacts to Hudson, Ohio to participate. Link to pictures of the event...   Nearly 20 pieces of apparatus were displayed at this annual event, that also included a parade of fire equipment through town and truck pumping demonstrations. A Memorial service for the victims of 9/11 and other fallen fire fighters was followed by a wonderful lunch provided by the members of the Museum. Thanks for the invitation !

A 1949 Ahrens Fox, mid-mount pumper from Brimfield, Ohio. Generously donated by Mancel Samples of Medina. Thank You!

Aqua reproduction Harden Fire Grenade.

At the end of October, I had a fantastic time attending the annual meeting of "The Fire Museum Network", hosted by Steve and Melissa Heaver, at their museum, The Fire Museum of Maryland, in Baltimore. Their collection is one of the finest in the nation, and is worth the trip if you are in the neighborhood. We also went to The Royal Fire House Museum in York, PA, Firemans Hall Museum in Philadelphia, PA., the PA. National Fire Museum in Harrisburg, PA., the Friendship Fire Museum in Alexandria, VA., and the Washington D.C. Fire Museum. all of which are wonderful educational experiences and worth the trip to visit. As part of the group of 85 Museum Owners, Curators, Directors, and Private Collectors, we were allowed special hands on access and instructional tours to these wonderful and well preserved historic collections of fire equipment. I met some wonderful and interesting people on this trip, that all shared the same passion for education and preservation of all things historic about the fire service. I'm sure we will cross paths again !  

I had a great time at a Fire Memorabilia auction near Youngstown in November, and was able to aquire a large number of pieces for the Museum... 3 collection displays of fire buttons, awards, tie clips, pendants, etc, 2 brass and 1 pewter speaking trumpets, a well used leather fire helmet. pry bars, a leather handled hose nozzel, and American LaFrance plate off an engine, 2 Dietz style lanterns, a lovely hand held square lantern, a cellar nozzle. a right angle long reach nozzle, a cute iron paper weight fire helmet, a brass wall plate for a sprinkler system, a box of assorted patches, a short section of riveted leather hose, a brass & leather hose repair clamp, and a lovely Elgin National firemans pocket watch from 1893, 2 coal oil parade torches.

A beautiful Foamite 5 gallon ( yes I said 5 gallon ! ) polished copper, soda acid fire extinguisher.

2 wonderful Gamewell boxes and posts, 1 from Kalamazoo, MI, and 1 from Jackson, MI.

11 feet of rare "skip tooth" chain, that will allow me to take our Gamewell bell striker, and make a working display out of it.

3 very rare Fire Horse Collar. These are ALL metal and open at the bottom so the collar and attached harness could be hung from the ceiling, and dropped down onto the horse, then snapped shut around their neck. This inovation lessened the amount of time it took to get the horses hitched, and on the way to the fire. Now all I need is the clockwork mechanism that was on the ceiling and controlled how fast the collars came down, and we will have a complete working model.

2 reproduction cast iron doorway protectors ( but neat anyway )... These are shaped to look like angled horse legs, and were bolted to the inside corners of the door frame. If the horse turned sharply while leaving the fire house, the wheels would glance off of these protectors, and push the engine sideways away from the edge of the doorway, thus preventing the axel hubs from catching on the door frame and doing damage to the engine or the doorway.

A Boyd Bros. of Philidelphia, soda acid copper fire extinguisher. ( This is the same brand as the extinguisher tank that should be on our Hallock Chemical Model T fire truck ).

A fabulous research book, As You Pass By, ( Kenneth Holcomb Dunshee ), recomended by Warren Lun.

A wonderful research book, Fire Engines and fire-fighting ( David Burgess-Wise ) generously donated by Dale Fuller. Thank you so very much !

On February 13, 2011 I received a phone call from an old friend ( Paula Gensemer ) wanting to donate some things of historical significance to the museum. I had been friends with her late husband, Dick Gensemer ( of Gensemer Funeral Home ) since Moby Dick was a minnow. Dick loved geneology, and being multi-generational in Medina, had collected a lot of historical news paper clippings and such about his family and the retail stores that they ran in Medina, Wadsworth, Creston, Kent, and other towns in the area. In addition to that information, Paula also shared information about Dick's brother, Private Wade Gensemer, who was killed on Leyte Island in the South Pacific, October 28, 1944. Wade graduated from Medina High School in 1942. While serving during the war, he was captured at the age of 20, and suffered unthinkable torture till his death three days later by the Japanese forces on the island (the Bataan Death March). Paula was kind enough to share Wades' Purple Heart and Dog Tag with us for display, along with the numerous news paper articles about the circumstances surronding his untimely death. We are priveledged to be the care takers of this historic memoribilia, and caution all citizens"To Never Forget"! ... Thank you Wade, and all servicemen for your selfless sacrifice to protect our freedom and Democracy!

Research book, "Brave Men and Bright Machines" by Charles Radzinsky

5" Spring mounted aparatus bell (will probably end up on our large hose reel)

1874 Fire Chief's horse drawn buggy from Flint, Michigan, built by the Durant-Dort Carriage Company of  Flint, Michigan (the original parent of General Motors).

Rare late 1800's, Gamewell "Coffin Top" 12 circuit alarm repeater.

Gamewell "Joker" Alarm Receiver set up from St. Paul, Minn. Includes... receiver, winder, and bell tapper.

Late 1800's hand drawn hose reel on wood wheels.

Early 1900's hand drawn hose reel from Boothwyn, Pa., complete with hose, 3 playpipe nozzels, and fire axe.

1 mounted "Viking" style,  fireman's parade axe, with a second similar one that is somewhat smaller.

 10 foot length of original rivited leather fire hose, complete with fittings.

An original, fire horse harness & collar, ceiling hanger rack. These were used to suspend the Fire Horse Collars (special design, they opened at the bottom, and snapped closed around the horses neck) from the ceiling, and with ropes, pulleys and off setting weights, allowed the firemen to drop the collars down (with their harness straps pre-connected  to the wagon or steamer) and quickly snap the collar closed around the horses neck.

A 1908 trading token, from the R.E. Kimmell Ford Agency of Medina, which was located in the 200 block of East Liberty St. (good for $10.00 off on a new car). Mr. Roy Kimmell eventually sold his dearlership to Frank Feckly who ran the Feckly Ford dealership for many years on South Court Street. The importance of this token to the museum is, R.E. Kimmell was the Brother-in-Law of Thomas Hallock, and was responsible for the Hallock Brothers being able to get Model T chassis for their Hallock Chemical Fire Engine, made in Medina between 1913 and 1918.

Two very nice leather fire horse collars.

Some new printed documentation on the Hallock Chemical Trucks from the Hallock family. So now I'm on the search for, 1 that was delivered to Alaska, 1 that was delivered to Hawaii, and 1 that was delivered to Leroy, Ohio (confirmed by Medina Co. Gazette article in April 1966). Anyone that can help us find additional information about these trucks would be a great help.

Thank you to the Jim Sendry family of Hinkley, for your generous donation of an early MSA Chem-Ox breathing system and an aluminized fire proximity suit from PPG Industries of Cleveland!

Thank you to the Masi family for your generous donation of old historic Medina photographs from 1909 and the late 1940's. They will be treasured and shared.

July 2013, Welcome to the Davidson and Pierce family. Both are decendents of Thomas Powell Hallock (one of the brothers Hallock that manufactured the Hallock Chemical Fire Trucks here in Medina). They have never witnessed a real live Hallock Truck, so we are working in conjunction with the Hallock family to do a "roots" tour so they may discover some of their lost heritage. ... Follow up.... I had a fantastic time with the Hallock family members and their "roots tour". I hope that the "newly discovered" family ties will last forever.

July 13, 2013, Thank you to the LEOR Chevy club, and Don Williams and Doug Kreuder, for making us a stop on their Medina Antique Chevy Club tour. We hope you enjoyed your vist and will come back again soon!

October 17, 2013, Thank you to the Medina Nazarene Church ladies group, for including us in your tour. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and will return soon!

Congratulations to Mike and Meredith on your wedding, October 19, 2013 !

December 27, 2013, a wonderful Christmas present of a collection of historic Fire Engine sales documents, donated by David Schlosser, of the Zoar, Ohio Volunteer Fire Department. We thank you for your generosity!

Link to nice news article in the Medina Post 12-28-2013..... 

A lovely, historic, 6 sided, brass engine lantern, with red, blue and clear etched glass panels,  for our 1859 C. E. Hartshorn Hose Carriage, built by the Devoursney Bros. of New York! NICE !!

Today, 1-11-2014, We have found evidence of two more Hallock Chemical Fire Engine delivery locations, that were previously unknown to us. Per a 1966 Medina Gazette newspaper article (quoting M.O.Hallock himself) a truck was delivered to Leroy, Ohio around 1915, and also according to a news article in the Municipal Journal in 1915, a Hallock was delivered to Lynn, Mass..... It's a good day!

Nice copper steamer boiler torch

Wonderful wooden "Black Ball" voting ballot box, complete with

Leather wrapped 42" hose nozzle with shut

Another lovely Devoursney Bros., 4 sided engine lantern, complete with red and blue etched glass

2 matching, square sided, carriage candle

A Gamewell Central Station manual transmitter from about 1910, complete with the beveled glass case, base cabinet, and accessories. This is one of the rarest Gamewell alarm pieces, and was only found in a limited number of very large cities with extensive Gamewell alarm systems. This piece is from Lowell,

2 nice fire parade

A nice, large, 6 sided carriage side

Thanks to Brian Feron and the members of The Medina County Historical Society for your visit on Monday evening 5-12-2014. Hope everyone had fun and learned a lot (in spite of the storms!)

Thanks to Bob Girarol and the members of ORCCCA Classic Cars of America for your visit on Sunday 5-18-2014. Hope everyone had a fun and educational time. Come back again soon! 

6-21-2014, ... It's a GREAT DAY ! ... Finally, after a long, long, long time of negotiating, I finally have the signed purchase agreement in my hot little hands for the 90' x 90' building and about an acre of property to our south! Now I will be able to have some space to spread out, and start doing some of the restoration projects that I have wanted to do for a while. There will be more info to come after the closing happens. Stay tuned !

Thanks to Ann Lowery, for your generous donation of a siren, utility light, and turn out gear and helmet from Fairfax County, Va. Come back again soon!

2014 Open House is here!              Thanks to all that came, including Gene Sechler, Jeff Scott, Carol & Bill Killen author of "The Hallock Chemical Fire Engine", Mary Jane Brewer of Sun Newspapers, Kimberly Schlegel and her kids, Marissa, Isabella, Sebastian, Gabrella, and their Grandparents, Medina Fire Marshal Mark Crumley, John Zangerle and Stuart Warner (of the Cleveland Fire Museum), Joe Cleer and son (from the West Farmington Fire Department), Don Walter, Ted Penovich, Bill & Stacey Reep, Darren & Holly Alber , Carl Ratz and friends with their Maxim Fire Truck, Colleen and Doyle Greener, Macy M. Hallock and the Hallock family, Mike Rhodes of Modern Day Antiques, Tom Hilberg of the Medina Historical Society, Ed Kraus, James Decker and Dave Norberg of the Lakewood, New York Fire Department, with their 1914 Hallock Chemical Fire Engine, Patti Alber ...... and many others that I did not catch their names! Thank you all for coming, and joining with us for the completion of our 100 year celebration of the building of the Hallock Chemical Fire Engines, right here in Medina,

Well, we had hoped to get a 100 year historic photo of three Hallock Chemical Fire Trucks (all together in front of the old Fire House on the square) but unfortunately, the Founding Fathers of Medina, thought it was better to install "4 Porta-Potties" in front of the front doors of the Fire House for the 4th of July events. Class Act Medina!

8-23-2014, ... I had a wonderful visit with Curtis and his parents and grandmother today. A delightful 6 year old that is consumed with fire fighting and it's hardware. It was amazing how much he knew about our historic displays of equipment, and I'm sure he will make some fire department proud in the years to come. Come back again with grandpa, when you can stay longer!

9-16-2014, ... I had an unexpected visit from Frank Taff and his wife, from the Walnut Street Fire Company Museum of Madison, Indiana, as they were passing through town. We got to spend a couple of hours together as we compared collections, and swapped stories. If you are ever in their neighborhood, stop by and see their fabulous collection!

10-19-2014, ... Happy Paper M & M

!0-20-2014, ... Thanks to the Medina Womens Harley Davidson club, for your visit. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!  Come back again soon!

11-10-2014,... Back from the New Hampshire auction with lots of good stuff! A 40 Gallon, hammered end copper chemical tank for our American LaFrance 1900's wagon from Meadville, Pa. A lovely brass Dietz Fire King Lantern "FDNY, Engine 241" with adaptable mount bracket. A Nickel plated presentation speaking Trumpet, engraved "2nd Ass't Foreman, No. 2".  An early 1830's Button, hand tub drawbar tongue with head and side handles 102". A soda acid truck canister (that rode on the step fender to carry spare loads of chemicals for the chemical extinguisher tank). Plus numerous other "treasurers" that I bid on and brought back for some other collectors. It was a (very long, but) great trip!

11-17-2014... The Fox 8, New Day Cleveland show, will be here to shoot a museum segment for their morning program on channel 8. ... Follow up ... Segment will air on Fox 8, Monday, November 24, 2014, between 10am and 11am. You guys rock ! Thanks for including us in your program !  Youtube link to the show segment  ...

12-6-2014 ... A special Thank You! to Jerry Rabbitts of Brunswick, Ohio,  for your generous donation of 4 fire grenades for the Museum. Jerry thought of us after seeing our TV segment on Newday Cleveland, on Fox8

12-19-2014 ... A large wonderfull collection of Medina area family photos from the Wall, Hazen, Shanafelt and Griffin families, some dating bact to the 1850's. The research is starting (and anything anyone can add would be appreciated!). We suspect that the "W. Wall" photos may have been of the founder of "Wall Drug" stores that started in Medina. The Hazen name was one of Medina's Fire Chiefs, and may be some early photos of his family. Not sure yet about the Griffin and Shanafelt family names. Help, please!

1-3-2015 ... A wonderful example of a LOPER fire alarm transmitter box, from a Dupont plant in PA. These are pretty rare and hard to find. Loper was a competitor of Gamewell (along with others such as SAFA, Herrington, Edwards, Garl Electric from Akron, and others). This one is in nice condition and will round out our collection of rare competitors along with our Garl box!

 2-7-2015 ... I'm sure my obituary will have the word "horder" in it somewhere ... Just received ( another ) Siebe-Goreman, leather fire smoke helmet with the bellows pump. While the pumps ( most with "fog horn" sounding brass horns on them ), are fairly common ( we have at least 3 of them in the Museum ), the 1850's leather firemans helmets that were used with the pumps are quite rare. This will make the second set that we have in the Museum. As Mel Brooks would say ..."It's good to be the King!"

4-17-2015 ... Another succesful Allentown adventure! Carnes leather presentation helmet with a fox holder, w/brass tall engraved front, "Obenchain Boyer Company",  ... 12" Dri-Gas Fire Grenade, ... 1850'ish Leather Fire Bucket, painted "J.M. Dimock, No. 1", ... Polished brass 12" apparatus bell, ... 3 foot length of pine wooden water line, about 7" ID ... 12" double dish, lever activated "New Departure" rotary apparatus gong, ... American LaFrance polished brass Dietz Lantern, ... 7" Brass Jumper Bell ... td

4-24-2015 ... A rare find in Jackson, Michigan ... A Holloway Chemical Tank for our Hallock Chemical Fire Engine. Our tank has been missing since we aquired the truck years ago. This rare find will help us continue on the road to a finished restoration! ... Thank you to my favorite "Bird Dog" for sharing this discovery, and helping to aquire it! ... I owe you BIG!

5-1-2015 ... A rare glass tube fire grenade, with the "pop bottle cap", mount, and lable in tact ... "The Whiz" ... , donated by my friend Donn Zalewski ... Thank You !!

6-13-2015 ... I had a wonderful visit from Dallas Few, of Chippewa Lake, who was a former owner of the glass shop in Medina years ago ... (started down off east Smith Rd. near 620, then moved to the body shop of Gibbs Chevrolet at Smith and Court St., then sold the business to Floyd Graff who moved it to our present location at 326 East Smith Rd., where he worked for years untill Floyd sold the property to me in 2003)

7-1-2015 ... After many years of searching, we were finally able to determine the original location that our Gamewell Police Dispatch Board served in, ... Kingston, NY ! ... Now the hunt is on for an original photograph of it in service ! Thanks to Brian Duddy of the Facebook page "Fire Memorabilia Collectors", and the other members that helped us trace the radio call sign "W2XHP" that was attached to the dispatch board ( 1936'ish ).  A gazillion thanks !!!!

7-11-2015 ... Thanks to the Stark County Model T Club for your visit. We hope you enjoyed your stay! Come back again soon.

9-5-2015 ... And now there are THREE Siebe Gorman Smoke Helmets in our collection! This most recent one is slightly different from the other two. The smaller eye windows do not open on this one, and the vent has been moved from the top of the helmet to in front of the wearers mouth. ( Hord, Hord, Hord ! It's GOOD to be the King! )

10-10-2015 ... Thanks to the Medina Fire Department for including us in your Fire Prevention / Safety Forces event. We closed for the day so we could participate by taking our 1916 Hallock Model T Chemical Fire Engine ( made right here in Medina ), along with a large hose reel from the International Harvester Truck Plant in Columbus, Ohio, our horse drawn 1880 Wm. Knaust Hand Tub ( which we pumped at the event, reaching 100' of spray with 4 able bodied men on the brake arms )

10-15-2015 ... Thanks for your visit Medina Rotary Club, I hope everyone had a good time !

10-19-2015 ... Happy Cotton   M & M

10-20-2015 ... We have sent our 1880 Wm. Knaust Hand Pumper, along with a fancy Fire Horse Collar, and our Hand Drawn Ladder Wagon, to the Cleveland, Western Reserve Fire Museum for 6 months, to be used in their special Horse and Hand Drawn seasonal display. They will return to us in the spring. If you have the chance, visit them at the Western Reserve Fire Museum, 310 Carnegie, Cleveland, Ohio ( across from Jacobs Field ). Kind of easy to find, but hard to get to right now with all of the freeway and bridge

4/21/2016 ... Happy Birthday, "Beefy" .... td

10/19/2016 ... Happy Leather   M & M

4/21/2017 ... Happy Birthday, "Beefy" .... td

5/1/2017 ... The Spring Auction / Flea Market Season was good this year ... 2 lovely polished brass Eclipse Lanterns, A 12" American LaFrance rotary gong with the LaFrance floor plate, a Gamewell 15" flat top House Gong, a 60" hand tub nozzle, 6 new brass "special" lantern brackets ( for the Hallock Truck), a 6" watchmans hand bell, 4 leather fire buckets, a wonderful early lamp marked "Hose 2", a brass mount for our double gong rotary lever action bell, a pair of polished brass equipment torches, and a polished brass American LaFrance Dietz King fire

5/22/2017 ... Nice article in the Medina Gazette about our open house



 And the collection continues to grow !!

  On Friday, July 16, 2010, the City of Medina lost a very special person. Lloyd Hanshue died at the age of 94. He was a 46 year Member and retired Assistant Chief of the Medina Fire Department. On June 12, 2010, we were fortunate enough to have him visit the Museum and share (and video tape) some of his wealth of knowledge. I am not quite sure what I will do with the video yet, but it is a wonderful interview with him that will be cherished. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family. Sincerely, Tom Doyle